Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shopping on the Cheap

I am the first one to admit that there aren't many shopping options in the city I live in. The vintage stores are filled with dirty, smelly clothes that are vintage, but not the vintage you would want to buy. The thrift stores aren't all that great either. And the main assortment of clothes stores is Aberzombie, Hollister, Old Navy, and Aeropostale. I usually spend my money at Urban Outfitters or one of the newer, chicer boutiques that are now appearing. Normally though I get my clothes online or out of state.

Mimi's Shopping on the Cheap Tips
1) Shop in states that don't have a sales tax on clothing. You can find out which states don't have a sales tax on clothing here.
2) Buy online. My favorite way to find things cheaper is using Beat My Price. Beat My Price is an awesome. All you do is type in an item, its price, where you found it and it serches its database for a cheaper buy! So cool!
3) Coupons. Coupons are important. I always look around at Retail Me Not, which is created by the same people as Beat My Price. It is always worth a shot to look around.
4) Rue La La. Rue La La is one of a few online boutiques. Rue La La has designer boutiques that are only on for two days and then after two days new boutiques come in. You have to get invited to it, my aunt invited me just for fun. Then the other day I saw that they had a boutique for Birkenstock sandals which are generally $120 and they were on sale for $59.99. I ended up paying about $63.00! I was so psyched.
5) Buy the essentials from stores like Old Navy, H&M, Target, and Zara. H&M, Zara, and TJ Maxx are all stores that are great to find fun pieces for a lot less. I buy a lot of my clothes at these stores and then splurge on shoes.
6) Always buy shoes that are worth it. If they are more expensive they will be more comfortable, last longer, and are better quality. Never skimp on shoes.

In this kind of economy it is growing increasingly important to shop smart.

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