Sunday, June 7, 2009

Alternate Persona

When I was younger I always enjoyed making up characters that always ended up being a little like me, except they were bold, outgoing, and kick-ass. A recent post by Gala Darling inspired me to share one of these personas and show how she lived.

One of my favorite characters was Mimi, named after myself, because I always felt that I never lived up to the vivaciousness of my name. Mimi works in public relations for up and coming fashion houses. She promotes them and makes them famous and popular.

Monday by Maygs featuring Luella

On Monday Mimi had to run around the city a lot and any New Yorker knows that those sky high heels are a killer when catching taxis and walking up stairs, so she threw on her favorite pink flats. She opted for an all black ensemble that was simple so she could show off her favorite polka dot shorts. As she headed out the door she spied her favorite pink scarf that just happened to match her shoes and threw it on as she left the house.

On Tuesday Mimi went to work and afterward went shopping, and oops! She bought that new Moschino belt she had been coveting for weeks. Even though she swore she wouldn't buy anything if it wasn't on sale she had made a huge deal today and she decided to treat herself. Her flowery outfit needed the juxtaposition of her knuckle duster earrings to add just enough tough to an otherwise feminine ensemble.

Wednesday was date night with her guy. Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, which is what she expected, he surprised her with a dinner set on the rooftop of his apartment. The dinner was complete with her favorite honey wine, a nice meal, music, and little white lights that twinkled the sky. Afterward they laid a blanket across the floor and watched the stars as they began to appear over the New York skyline.

Thursday Mimi had a meeting where she was presenting about a new design company she was representing. She wore one of their skirts to show that it was actually a wearable brand. But she threw on her new Moschino belt and her favorite sky high heels for confidence and to add a little something to her outfit. The meeting was a success and now all she had to do was get them noticed tomorrow at the gala being held for up and coming designers.

On Friday Mimi had to attend the gala for up and coming designers that she had been planning for months and she fully planned to get her new label noticed by the fabulous people who would be attending. Her plan was to wear all designer labels, like her Christian Louboutin shoes, except for her dress which was the new labels design. This way everybody would be assuming it was a famous designer, but when they asked she could slyly give them the sales pitch on the designer.

Saturday Mimi decided to stay in bed and work on a proposal she was working on. Although she has always been good at getting stuff in by her deadline, her guilty little secret was procrastinating while visiting chictopia or retail-me-not. She spent all day in bed working, reading her new books, and trying to catch up on some much needed Mimi-time.

On Sunday Mimi headed to the park with her girlies for a picnic in the park and some vintage shopping. On Sundays she loves to dress down in some shorts and casual shoes, to give her poor feet a break from a week in heels. On Sunday her boyfriend came over and they made sushi for dinner and watched the new romantic comedy that was just released.

Peace, Mimi.

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