Friday, April 18, 2008

Summer is here!

Living in Vermont it is not uncommon for warm weather to evade us until the end of May and beginning of July. I am a May baby and I can personally attest to the fact that I usually could be skiing on my birthday. This year however we have a surprising week of warm weather. Yesterday it was 74 and today it was 77. That is a definite record for APRIL!!! Now let me remind you that Vermonters are the ones who done shorts and t-shirts the minute the thermometer hits 50 degrees, and sometimes even earlier. Can you imagine what people are doing now? Let me tell you. All the college kids who have been hibernating for winter and only coming out for classes, if they even do, and start coming down to the public beach. The public beach doesn't open until Memorial Day and it just so happens that my school is the closest building to the beach. So as I was leaving on the bus today, I am one of the few Juniors who don't have a car or friends who have a car, and I see countless college kids traipsing across the school lawns with their dogs (?) and Bud Lights. It is great to see everybody out and about...but they were parking in the student lot, faculty lot, and even the bus stop. I have it from my sources that there were even cars being towed. So, there is your update on my life...with absolutely no fashion involved. I am going to start working on another post right now. By the way, if there is anything that you would like to see on here I am working on a new theme to this blog, so please, please help me out with advice. I will give you some of my ideas in a later post.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thread Heads at SXSW day 2, How-to make a Slack Dress

I strongly urge that everybody reading this should check out the SXSW videos by Threadbanger on Youtube. I especially enjoyed the one about how to make a dress out of a pair of men’s old slacks. I hope to make that this weekend, except I will give it my own touch with some tie straps, because I have a hard time with strapless dresses…if you’re a girl you probably know the reason why.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fashion Withdrawal

I fear that I have been stuck in a severe case of fashion withdrawal that is caused by my many tired days. I have been wearing sweats, my "snow sneakers", and lots of layers that consist of under armor, long sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts. Not the most fashion forward week for me. Districts for skiing are fast approaching and races are becoming much closer together. The only sad thing about ski racing is the early hours and missing full days of school at least once a week. But I must say that clearly we are the most fashionable team out there. I mean seriously, who else gets to walk around in full body spandex and not a bad rap? Not that ski racers care about what people say they are the meanest, toughest, bad-ass group of people I have ever met. Seriously. I am totally seeing some parallels between

Here is a House of Holland spandex suit that I completely envy. If I was able to ski in something that awesome I would. Here is a pink version of the blue one I actually get to show off my smoking hot bod in. Actually the version that our school uses is much older and has much more holes.

But I am sure that you can see the parallels between House of Holland's body suit and the outfit that I am lucky enough to freeze my butt off in at least twice a week. Whoever said that snowboarders are cooler and more fashionable than skiers are seriously mistaken. NY Fashion week and London fashion week have been inspiring me so expect some posts coming at you soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hunt

I went on the hunt today for several things and armed with my trusty wallet filled with Christmas money I was prepared. Today was makeup day and because I had finished all my midterms I didn't have to attend. Sadly, I couldn't attend my ski race because of a doctor's appointment I was greatly depressed. What made it worse was when my hunt proved fruitless and I was unable to find several things on my list. So if anybody knows where I can get some cue leather boots and a nice slouchy bag. Please let me know. However, a rather expensive store in my mall, one of the few non-chain stores, was having a sale on everything in stock and I ended up getting a really beautiful ring. And the handmade jewelery store where I always manage to find something amazing in lived up to its reputation. I found this awesome necklace of a flying bird. Now, some outfits that have inspired me as of late.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

Dearest readers, I do apologize for not having posted in quite some time. I promise a big post is coming soon that I am working on. I am procrastinating today from studying for my midterms. Midterms are no fun and I have to study for my deathly day of English and AP U.S. History...on the same day. Think happy thoughts and wear happy colors for me.