Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Death is Prevailing

The end of the quarter absolutely sucks. For those of you unschoolers or homeschoolers or noschoolers out there for us public school folks it means that all of your teachers pile on tons and tons of tests, quizzes, essays, and homework. Basically I am mad at myself because I can't public speak an have been putting my speeches off until the last moment and now I am going to do really bad in the class. I feel so stupid. These aren't even real speeches, but I have to prepare myself and write up what I am going to say before hand because I shake uncontrollably. Anyone have any tips on how I can avoid total humiliation, that would be great.
Now I share with you some pictures of an absolutely beautiful girl (courtesy of
Clemence Poesy. She played Fleur in Harry Potter and is just an amazingly pretty and stylish person.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

College, Testing, and Essays, Oh My!

So sorry my dears for having abandoned you for so long. I went up to Canada with some friends for her sweet sixteen and did a bit o' shopping. Then I had to come home and scurry about to get my homework done. One plus is that I got a new cell phone. Nothing special except that becasue of the company my dead works for it was free. It was either this phone or a Razr. Ugh, I hate those things.
Anyways, I fear that I will have to leave you once again as I start my junior year of testing and plumping up my college applications. In the month of October I have multiple standardized tests along with the PSATs. I will be doing extensive volunteer work and hopefully will be finding myself a job so that I can actually pay for college. If any of you are in college and have any tips for good college tips please let me know because I am planning my college tour roadtrip soon.