Friday, August 31, 2007

My top picks for fall

1. Whatever your schools t-shirt is. You need to show some school spirit at those football games and with style, of course! At my school we have special t-shirts for school games so its pretty awesome to see everybody wearing the same t-shirt.

2. I am really loving Etsy right now. What could be better that having your own handmade one of a kind skirt or sweater.

3. Make your own clothes! Recycle! Check out Thread Bangers on youtube for some great DIY tips. I have totally tried some of them and they work great. Especially the simple hemming of jeans and fitting of t-shirts which totally helps me because I am super short.
Well I have to go to the first football game of the season versus our rivals so the rest of my top picks will be up in a bit. Sorry!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It was my first day of 11th grade and I have to say that it went ehh...I am taking the hardest course available to juniors. AP History. It was a heartattack to say the least. First day of school and he gives us a huge test. Although we knew it was coming it was still a shocker when it came to doing it. Anyways I am still trying to get out of my stupid bloggers rut, so if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Today at school I was truly suprised to find the lack of fashion in my school. Okay, I am not suprised at all. Out here in the boonies town of New England there isn't much fashion. But come on, blue tank tops with sequins all over the front. Some weird manga head bands and shirts. And short skirts that freshmen wear without spandex and let everybody see their undies. I shiver to think of the horrendous fashion mistakes made today. And they weren't just freshmen fashion blunders. I saw enough upperclassmen fashion fo pauxs (yeah. I know that is the wrong way to spell it) to make me want to run to the bathroom and hurl during the middle of Physics.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to school buys

So I went shopping yesterday with my sister and my mom for some back to school clothes. I didn't really find all that much. But what I did find, I love.

This super amazing cardigan from Gap. Super comfy and just amazing and warm. I love cardigans so much. plus my mom was yelling at me for not buying more winter clothes. I bought two t-shirts from Charlotte Russe (which I couldn't find pics of) but they are so adorable.

As much as I love this shirt, who wouldnt? It is making a statement through fashion. I really don't think I will wear it that much so I am going to return it to Urban and buy this sweater from Gap instead...I think. Plus This is one of those shirts that everyone is going to go out and buy and then it won't make a statement anymore.

I also bought a pair of gold leggings and pink tights from Urban because they were 2 for 20 dollars. I love tights and leggings so much, they will never be out of style for me.

I also bought a really cute headband at a local jewelry store. It is a double headband with ribbon and it is bale blue. The blue really stands out against my hair.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I finally saw Becoming Jane and I lurved it. It was awesome. I was smiling through the whole thing, even when I was crying. Even though I knew how it ended it was so sad that they didn't get together in the end. *gasp* Seriously that shouldn't be a spoiler. Everyone knows that Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra never married. I really liked some of Jane's (Anne Hathaway's costumes) they were very layered and inspiring for fall. Alright, I know that the romance between Austen and Lefroy was a flirtation at best in her real life. But it was a well made movie that incorporated a lot of her other books into it. And there was good costumes. Collar, sleeves, and bust really appeal to me.
Embroidery on sleeve and rest of dress
High waist
Very elegant. I like the color, cut, collar, bust, and silly-ly enough the sleeves

Friday, August 10, 2007

Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane came out today and I am so excited to see it. First of all Anne Hathaway plays Jane and I think she is a gorgeous person. Second, I love movies about Jane Austen's stories. Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley is one of my most favorite movies. I am such a sucker for romantic stories and strong main characters. When those two are combined it is deadly for me. Third, the costume design for the movie looks amazing. What sucks is that I can;t find anyone to go with tonight and my sister is being stupid and won't go with me either. So basically I am in a really pissy mood. Especially since I have been doing AP History work the entire day.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Work is piling up

Summer went by fast and I just realized that I have piles of AP History and AP Spanish work to do. Ugh. So I am already thinking about school. It's horrible to be thinking of school when there are still three weeks of summer left. Ah! Only three weeks. So I guess I really need to start doing that reading and getting supplies. And shopping for clothes. However my parents are cheap and are only giving my sister and I 200 dollars each for clothes and supplies. I don't know what I am going to do. However I did just snag a t-shirt from my work. Someone left one of our school t-shirts down at my work. I used to have one but I tried to make it into a skirt and it didn't really work. So I might have taken it and obviously I washed it. Besides it's not like they were going to come back and get it at the end of the season (I work for a public beach). So I feel completely justified. The clothes were being taken to the Salvation Army the next day anyways. Changing the subject...I have been trying to figure out what clothes I am going to spend my 200 dollars on.