Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adios chicas

I am leaving tomorrow and I won't have the time to post tomorrow as I will be packing and doing last minute shopping. I leave you with pictures of Madrid from Face Hunter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I was checking out this cool site I found called I made this pretty cool flipbook so I wanted to see if I could post it here. Let's cross our fingers.

Fall Fashions 1

A look at the fall fashions of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Chloe. There will be more to come!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Inspiration Struck

Inspiration struck me while looking at some of the Fall 2007 Ready-to-wear pictures from So instead of writing just about things I want I am going to try and write a piece of fashion journalism about some of my favorite designers.
Alexander McQueen
For the fall fashions Alexander McQueen has a lot of things going on. However I think that they all revolve around the same idea. His designs depict women of strength and power.

Strength and power exude from these outfits in an in-your-face way. You can't miss it. The plating of the breast and belly like armor is something that reminds us of war in the Middle Ages. I like that these outfits are distinctly feminine, there is nothing masculine about them and yet they are very strong and powerful. Arab influence is seen in the first outfit. The Warrior Women.
The Goddess-
These outfits remind of Greek goddesses. They also have power but more in the don't-anger-me-or-I-Will-Beat-Your-Butt way. Again, this is a very feminine form of power, not masculine in any way. The masculinity of outfits is the double standard of fashion for many female business women and political figures.
The Priestess-
These outfits remind me a lot of what a priestess of Avalon might wear. I just finished reading some of Marion Zimmer Bradley's books and this is definitely something that I think Rhiannon of Elen would wear. In these two outfits I can see some Arab influence.
The Ladies-
These outfits remind me a lot of what a lady might wear in the Middle Ages, again these outfits remind me a lot of strength, but more of the submissive kind. The lady that sits behind her husband whispering commands in her husband's ear. A Lady Macbeth kind of character would wear these dresses.

Balenciaga I was a little disappointed with. They recycled the old looks of last season with the whole boyish look. I was hoping to see some high waists and some new ideas added to the crazy mix that we call fashion.

I was happy with Chloe's designs because they incorporated the higher waists and the high waisted belts. The babydoll shirts, the plaid skirts. I am really liking the mixing of patterns and and the matching of patterns as well.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cool New Website Find!

I was searcing the web today for some DIY projects and I came across this awesome site. It is called Burda Style. Burda Style is a place for idea exchange and a place to define the sewing world. So here you can take a look at other people's creations, collections, and you can download sewing patterns. Some of my favorite designs that I am going to try out are

I would suggest that everyone check this site out because it has some awesome ideas. Check the site out at